Although currently consisting of my wife and me and a few occasional contributors, SERMCAP represents an idea that is at least profoundly appealing: the South needs a voice— multicultural, socially democratic, critical, compelling, and persuasive–that presents new information that is necessary to advancing human rights and social progress in the former Confederacy, and that parses old information in new ways so as to promote a popular progressive agenda. Our plan, which for now will consist of entries penned by Jimbo, is to offer a once-weekly essay and related links, comments by readers, etc. I’ve many credits for my work–journalistic or opinionated in nature–over the years. I now invite interested writers and readers, activists and thinkers to build something extraordinary in one of the most benighted areas of the ‘developed world,’ the American South. Giving voice to the voiceless, comforting the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable will ever remain integral to what shows up here.

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