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An Introductory Statement

Hello everyone. My name is James Hickey, and I’ve managed to follow the advice that Aldous Huxley offered in his novel, Point, Counterpoint. “The likes of us, mate,” Huxley had one of his protagonists suggest to the other, at a point of maximum tension between them, “we live by our wits.” This note introduces me and the now-and-then web essays, which I will be writing about how to think and read and write more intelligently, powerfully, and joyfully.

My website,, is available to complement this work and formalize and make easier using my services. For now, however, these paragraphs and others which I add as I can, will serve to assist students and writers who need general help with texts and the process of their creation. Anyone who likes can reach me, via e-mail, at I’m also happy to have folks call, after 9:00 Eastern time or on weekends, at 404-944-9919. My point is to be accessible in providing tangible assistance to folks who are having trouble of one type or another with communications that are important to them. All kinds of writing—from term papers to love letters—and all kinds of general situations—from courses to standardized tests—are of the sort with which I can help.

Well then! All of my students come to realize that I am very opinionated. On the other hand, I recognize, with crystal clarity, that none of us has a lock on truth. I like to consider Octavio Paz’s observation as sacrosanct. “He sang, singing not to remember his true life of lies, but to remember his lying life of truths.” Paradox is at the center of life, and as a result it can be a powerful anchor to hold text in place, at the same time it helps to buoy what we write above the waves and currents of the mundane surface of things.

I’d love to hear from folks. Ciao for now…