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SERMCAP has been very productive of late. The citations that follow illustrate this. Thematically, energy and history are pretty much ubiquitous in most or all of the citations below.

As well, the importance of democracy, community, and capacity-building show up in almost all of the materials here. The particular topic of any individual story varies from an examination of Hiroshima to a look at a ‘solar hero’s’ life. The categories that we use will help any reader who is interested to find materials in that general group.

In general, though, the overall orientation runs through almost everything. To aid readers further, we provide for a ‘Topical Tag’ for each individual article, that gives the particular subject of that piece or series.

Local Initiatives


Energy Transitions, Citizen Decisions, and the Social Basis for Technological Transformation: The Western North Carolina Renewable Energy Initiative August 06

lithonia, ga resistance to toxins

Energy from Chickens and a Fox in a Georgia Community’s Henhouse August 19

vermont’s democratic upsurge

Transitioning to a Renewable Energy Posture September 22

Lakota Solar

Native American Renewable Energy Models October 15

georgia public service commission

A People Power Upsurge Meets a ‘Public Agency’s’ False Front November 14

Michigan wind

Crossing Energy’s Social Divide (PART ONE): Class and Power and Justice in Contemporary America August 25

Renewable Energy’s Social Divide (PART TWO) September 02

Scandinavian Sustainable Business Lessons Oct 2

Media and Culture

Energy Visions and Visionary Energy: Carbon Free and Nuclear Free’s Roadmapping Service August 10

‘fuel’ review

Transformative Forces in Energy and Society: Popular Culture as a Source of Wisdom and Guidance, and the Limits Thereof August 12

greg palast

An Energetic Investigator of Energy Realities: Details That Provide the Big Picture August 16

‘sustainable energy without hot air’ review

‘No Hot Air’ About Renewable Energy While Blowing Smoke: David Mackay plays ‘Brutus’ to the Sun’s ‘Caesar’ August 18

‘collapse’ review

Renewable Energy, or, If We Prefer, “Collapse” September 04

two movies about depleted uranium

A Renewable Energy Teaching Moment September 17

beehive collective

Beehives as a Sustainable Business Model October 01

herman scheer and solar revolutions

Solar Media as Renewable Energy Guidelines October 27

A Further Mediation of Solar Power: Evolving Toward ‘Revolution’ Oct 29

’30 frames a second’ review

‘Eternal Vigilance’ As a Sine Qua Non of Sustainable Business November 3, 2010

‘kilowatt ours’ review

A Carbon-Capture Filmic Moment for Renewable Energy Nov. 10, 2010

david rovics

A Troubadour for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Business November 17, 2010

‘matewan’ review

Narratives Essential to Renewable Energy & Sustainable Business Nov. 18, 2010

great speckled bird

Every Day in History Is Important and Interesting‘Hippy’ Media in Atlanta October 19th, 2010 4:30 pm ET

media other

History Is Important and Interesting: An Atlanta ‘Sweet Science’ Moment October 25th, 2010 5:50 pm ET

Maya Angelou’s Literature As Historical Evidence October 26th, 2010 7:12 am ET

Tiger Tales A Tucker High School Journalism Experience December 18, 2010

Research, History in General

smedley butler

Gangsters, Banksters, and Sustainable Business September 09

resources analysis

Informed Dissent: Sunny and Not-So-Sunny Renewable Energy Futures September 10

tragedy of american diplomacy

When ‘Great Evasions’ Promote an Invasive Primacy of Empire in History, Imperial Citizens Had Better Watch Out October 16

federal reserve

A Crucial Sustainable Business Anniversary November 5, 2010

All History Is Important and Interesting: The Bank That Owns America November 8th, 2010 11:08 pm ET

world trade organization

The Origins of the WTO Epitomize Un-Sustainable Business Nov. 11, 2010

child labor

Every day in history is important and interesting: Child labor in October, 1910 October 11th, 2010 1:45 am ET

wounded knee

Immigrant ‘Invaders’ in the Days of Our Great, Great Grandparents October 15th, 2010 2:45 pm E

alien and sedition act

One Hundred Five Election Cycles Ago in Georgia October 27th, 2010 11:15 am ET

nat turner’s rebellion and other events

All History Is Important and Interesting: A Veteran’s Day Congruence November 10th, 2010 4:23 pm ET

u.s. constitution

Tucker’s Civic Awareness December 15, 2010

Government, Politics and Policy

Most of Us Could Use Some Energy Guidance: Unesco’s Management of Social Transitions (M.O.S.T.) as a Model August 27

pugwash conference

Sustainable Business Requires Survival September 03

‘Peak Oil,’ Renewable Energy, and Human Choice September 08

coal mining

“Dark as a Dungeon”–Coal’s Dark Lessons for Sustainable Business September 23


Energy, Life, Weaponry, and Choice: Interrelational Reflections on a Hiroshima/Nagasaki Anniversary August 09

green party

Greens–and Reds and Blues–and Sustainable Business October 22

jimmy carter

Jimmy Carter’s Renewable Energy Moment November 4, 2010

school of the americas

November 20

federal reserve

A Crucial Sustainable Business Anniversary November 5, 2010

Tennessee valley authority

Understanding the TVA in Terms of Sustainable Business October 13

TVA’s Dogs of War Rip Apart Sustainable Business October 20

Saving Fish & Building Nukes: TVA’s Non-Renewable Energy Path, Part III Oct.30

Biographies and Profiles

arjun makhijani

An Energy Scientist, His Vision, His Plan, and His Book: Sustainable Business Sans Carbon and Sans Radiation August 02

Don Harris

An Energy Pioneer’s Second Youth As a Human Advocate: Off the Grid, but Not Off His Rocker August 23

A Renewable Energy Walk in the Woods October 06

Spectacular Hornet’s Nests As Renewable Energy Seedbeds October 08

don west

Every Day in History Is Important, Interesting: Don West & Highlander Center November 2nd, 2010 3:33 pm ET

greg palast

An Energetic Investigator of Energy Realities: Details That Provide the Big Picture August 16

herman scheer

A German Solar Hero’s Sustainable Business/Renewable Energy Lessons October 21

jigar shah

A Solar Energy Visionary on a Collision Course with a ‘Renaissance’ October 09

lillian smith

Every Day in History Is Interesting and Important: Arson Against Honesty November 16th, 2010 11:41 pm ET

mark rudd

Grassroots Southwest Politicking and Sustainable Business October 23

walter ratterman

A Life of Sustainable Business in Solar Energy September 16

wendell berry

Wendell Berry’s Integrative Philosophy of Life and Energy September 01

william appleman williams

When ‘Great Evasions’ Promote an Invasive Primacy of Empire in History, Imperial Citizens Had Better Watch Out October 16



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