Priority Probes


A General Introduction

            With the exception of each individual’s immediate family line, every human being on Earth is a cousin to every other.  This forms the foundation for a Southern Peoples Information Network approach to reportage.  All folks are family, and as a result socially equal; any assessment of facts that overlooks this fundamental truism starts out wrong-headedly and thus cannot help but reach invalid, and plausibly destructive, conclusions

Moreover, the roughly seven billion cousins who now occupy this orb of air and water and soil and rock and life, hurtling through space while circling a minor star at the periphery of the Milky Way, face unprecedented threats to their survival.  Not only are most, perhaps all, of these difficulties self-induced, but, more crucially, all of these issues also interrelate in such a way that every single person’s complaints, from the most mundane to the most dire, are explicable or resolvable only within a collective context of both understanding and action.  Specialization and compartmentalization lead, at best, to the expansion of useless trivia; more likely, they actively prohibit any strategic program to deal with humanity’s currently cataclysmic situation.  SPIN again, therefore, analyzes events with an insistent focus on this essential interconnectedness, so that both research and analysis take account of past and present intertwinings of cause and effect, of potentiality and necessity, of conflict and choice, and of all matters social, economic, and political.

Furthermore, finally, we cousins cannot begin to address, let alone solve, a single problem that we do not adequately comprehend.  Without exception, the present established mediation, and hence our routine understanding, of today’s conundrums ranges from the bizarre to the absurd, passing as often as not through foolhardy hypocrisy in these erstwhile attempts at awareness.  More than any other factors, what present approaches to media and journalism leave out of their presentations are rich historical accuracy and honest political-economic insight.  As such, all SPIN reports will highlight, first, a detailed presentation of past events that have precedent and causal impact on present matters; second, SPIN documents will reveal how economic and political interests coil around each other in every area of concern in the current prospect.

These elements—recognition of social equality, presentation of conceptual connectedness, and insistence on historically-based political economy—underlie all of SPIN’s work.  The result will be journalism like little else extant in the so-called contemporary ‘market-of-ideas.’  The challenge and the opportunity inherent in these articles will be the capacity to participate as citizens in brining about a democratic turn in world affairs, an upsurge of grassroots leadership without which human existence will continue to remain in mortal peril of extinction.

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